Shopping in Scandinavia

Lately I’ve been travelling a lot because of work and have therefore not had time to make any cards.  😥 This past weekend I was also away from home, but this time for pleasure. 😀 I spent the weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden together with my cousin & sister. Beforehand, I had tried to look up scrapbooking shops in Copenhagen online, but unfortunately not been very successful. Thus, I was thrilled when we on Friday by coincidence stumbled upon a Panduro Hobby Store in Copenhagen!  🙂

From there I bought the brads that are seen at the bottom in the above picture, as well as the yarn flowers and the ribbon velvet roll. I also found a stack of papers from DCWV that I simply couldn’t resist… Nevertheless; I still did quite well. On Saturday on the other hand…well that’s a different story… 😳

I visited a store by the name of Scrap Room. It was located in an industrial park quite some ways from the centre of Helsingborg, but luckily my sister had arrived by car and could drive there. Even luckier for me she waited patiently during the hour I was running around the store, shouting out my small cries of joy… “Magnolia”, “Sarah Kay”, “Martha Stewart”, “Maja Design”…There was soooo much to look at…not to mention to buy… Pure Euphoria. 😆

For quite some time I had been admiring papers by Maja Design, that I’ve seen many Scandinavian card makers use. Unfortunately; they are not sold here in the UK (as far as I  know), so when I had the chance I truly ceased the opportunity… Most of the papers seen in these two pictures are by Maja Design, although there are also a couple of sheets from Magnolia.

Speaking of Magnolia; at the store they also sold Magnolia stamps, so I got to buy my first Magnolia stamps ever! 🙂 The two Tildas, “Midsummer Tilda” and “Fairy Dust Tilda”are from the newest Magnolia collection, Magnolia Fairy Tale Collection 2010, and the accessory stamp “Elegant Heart Ribbon” is from Raising the Ceiling Collection & Right Trough My Heart Collection 2010. Apart from this, I also treated myself to a MS punch, a Sarah Kay stamp, some meters of lace & ribbon and finally some gorgeous flowers…

How much it all added up to? Well, that remains a well-kept secret… 🙂

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