It’s with a heavy heart…

…I’m now packing my stash away 😥

But on a brighter note; I’ll soon be stamping in a sunnier land! 😆

After years and years of hard work, trying to figure out a way to be able to get back to the US and more specifically California, where my husband and I actually met, a dream is now coming true. I’ve been granted a 3 year long work Visa and we’re leaving for Silicon Valley Thursday next week!!! 😀

I’ve had to drastically reduce my stash so a lot of craft items have been sold at carboot sales, on E-bay, to colleagues and some I’ve given away. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to fill two big boxes. My husband only needed one box for his fishing gear. 😳

However, since it’s going to take at least 6 weeks until I reunite with my beloved craft supplies again, some has been put aside and will carefully be squeezed into my already full suitcase. Wish me luck! 😉

Yeah, I know; there are lots of great craft stores in the US, and I’m going to have a blast shopping there, but some of my favourites just have to come. There’s no way I’d leave the country without my Copics and Wild Orchid Crafts flowers. 🙂

Actually; I’ve spent  hours and hours going through my stash, selecting some ribbons, lace, charms, brads, glitter glue  and other goodies I’m going to bring.  Unfortunately, I think there’s no way I’m going to fit all this in my suitcase, so my husband will have to send me a “survival pack”  when he gets back to the UK (he’s only staying for 5 days, will then fly back and fly over again in a month’s time). One of the things I had put aside for him to send me was my Cuttlebug machine – I cannot live without it for very long, but as it’ll cost a fortune to send it over, he suggested I sell the one I’ have and buy a new one over there. Not complaining! 🙂

Hopefully I”ll be up and stamping in a couple of weeks time.
Until then friends,

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