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Hope everyone’s had a good weekend. Mine was alright; I managed to get two belated Birthday cards done. Unfortunately, I’m not able to show the cards as the weather has been awful this whole weekend; it’s been pouring down and the sky is dark dark grey, and since I don’t have a proper lamp at home I haven’t been able to take pictures. Hopefully it will clear up tomorrow, so that I can take some pics and post the cards.

Since I’m not able to show you the cards (though you get a peek of them in the second pic below), I thought I’d share with you what my current craft space look like: (For the record, I cleaned up before taking the pic. 😉 )

Yup; still don’t have any furniture except for a bed, so I’m creating on the floor, and I must say the empty microwave box is not too bad as a substitute for a table. 😮  My stash is stored in the small suitcase, and this also kind of works, though it’s a bit of a hazzle having to constantly look for things when one is used to having everything neatly organized in boxes and on shelves.

Speaking of stah…I already mentioned in an earlier post that I had been to Michael’s and bought some gorgeous flowers from Recollection. I also bought this cool rotating carousel, in which I’m currently storing my Copics, glue and some other bits and bops.

Michael’s has been a bit of a disappointment so far though. I’ve visted four nearby store and they are nowhere near as well sorted as the Michael’s I’ve previously been to in Nevada City. Last week I therefore decided to look up some craft stores online and drove around pretty much all Saturday. Not sure where I got the list from, but it was extremely outdated; out of the ten stores only one still existed! 🙁 However, it was not a complete waste of time since whilst driving around, I by coincidence found a store called Scrapbook Island. They have got a huge selection of papers, Copic markes, embellishments, they carry pretty much all Tim Holtz products and lots of other nice stuff. The staff is very friendly and best of all, it’s very close to where we live. 🙂 

Obviously one store isn’t enough for an addict like myself , so yesterday morning I googled again and found Cranberry Hill Mercantile – supposedly the store with the largest selction of rubber stamps in the San Francisco Bay area. Needless to say, a few hours later I was on my way to Sunnyvale and Cranberry Hill. Cranberry’s has pretty much everything a card maker needs, if one looks long and hard enough as the place is pretty messy and unorganized. But hey I don’t mind looking for things when it comes to craft supplies. 😆 Bought some new markers, a couple of sheets of papers and a few Magnolia stamps (they’ve got the largest selection of Magnolia stamps I’ve ever seen in a physical store 😀 ).

Anyway; that was it for me tonight. It’s bed time; tomorrow starts a new busy work week…

Take care,

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