The Cameo impresses…and then not…

Hi there,
On Monday I had my new toy, the Silhouette Cameo, delivered, but it’s been a busy week so it was not until Thursday evening I finally had time to have a proper play session with it, and here’s what I did:
This winter snow card template was one of the first card shape templates I bought from the Silhouette storeand I was wayyyy impressed with how my new friend handled this intricate design. Clear and crisp cut, I hardly had to peel any pieces away, just perfect! 😀

For this card I was able to use a lot of scrap pieces. The two pieces with texts are from Pion Design’s Guardian Angels 6×6, the middle part from from “Winter 12×12“. Then I also used a border from the Border Sheet, and the blue paper underneath the snowflake cut is the backside of Borders. Also the image is from Pion; “Fairytale of Winter“. Then I just attached a jingle bell with the “Winter White” Seam Binding, placed some roses on top of cheese cloth and voilà; card done and off to the next one. 🙂
Encouraged by the success with the previous cut, I thought I’d be brave and try cutting into some DPs, so I loaded Maja Design’s “The Perfect Gift“.
Now, this is when the Cameo decided we should not be friends anymore. 😡
Though I had changed the settings for both the knife, paper thickness, and speed, the Cameo did not fancy Maja one bit and started tearing the paper up. 🙁
So I consulted my other friend, Google, and spent a lot of time reading about issues that can occur with my new friend. I’ve tried numeous different settings, but no, she won’t cut Maja’s paper. In fact, now she produces really bad rugged cuts of everything. 🙁

Yesterday I contacted Silhouette support, but got a standard reply back, saying basically well if you try to cut very thick material, the blade of the knife may get dull very quickly or chip. And they also stated that “the thickest material the Silhouette will cut well would be 80 – 90 lb weight cardstock, such as Bazzill cardstock”. Yeah that’s what I used when cutting the first card and though I know Maja’s papers are thick (about 200-210 gsm I believe), when I asked for advice in the German Cameo Group on FB, one lady told me she cuts 250 gsm papers without any issues. Besides, I’ve now learned that 80 lb equals 216 gsm. So, I’m suspecting the blade might have been defective in the first place…supposedly that happens quite often with the Cameo. I guess I’ll just have to get a new blade and see how it goes…maybe refrain from cutting Maja paper until someone can tell me exactly how to set the machine for such a cut… 😕
Somehow I nevertheless managed to cut out the snowflake border again on cardstock, and was able to use it for my card. Also here I used Borders from Pion Design and the sentiment is from the same sheet as the card itself, “The Perfect Gift“. The image is from Inkido’s fab sheet with vintage Santa images, “Santa’s Christmas“. For decoration, just
a small piece of lace, a few flowers and some golden Magnolia Vintage Berries.
I’ll be back later today with my card for LLC:s Advent Calendar.
It’s window #22 – OMG it’s almost Christmas and here I am still making Christmas cards!!!

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